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We Are Sustainable Producers

AgriNorthwest has been growing food in eastern Washington since 1968. We are sustainable producers who care for the land and water that make our work possible. Nature is not something we visit on the weekends. We work with nature every day, so we have a profound appreciation for the land we steward. We look to the long term in everything we do to preserve and enhance our natural resources. We want our fields to be just as productive a hundred years from now as they are today, if not more so.

Here in the Columbia Basin, irrigation is essential. To ensure we are using water wisely to nurture our crops, we are constantly monitoring soil moisture to apply just what’s needed without wasting this important resource.

Sustainability is a year-round job. During the winter months, we spend a lot of time planning our planting, fertilizing, and harvest schedules. We carefully review results from past years to see what we can do better, how we can improve both productivity and conservation for the coming year.

We are grateful our suppliers and customers share this vision and commitment to sustainability. We’re all in this together, partners in a vital effort to protect the resources we all depend on. We need to take care of the land, so we can be producing food for generations to come.